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Global Energy and Carbon: Tracking Our Footprint

Is that the alarm? Another Monday and it’s time to get ready for work! Once you’re dressed, you get the kids moving and the breakfast under way. You grab the morning paper just in time to hear the toast pop up and the coffeemaker ding. Sitting at the kitchen counter, you know that in 15 minutes you will have to engage in the daily ritual of getting the kids to the school bus and hopping in the car for the commute and…but that can wait. For the next few minutes, it’s just you, the coffee, and the morning paper…and the carbon that was emitted to the atmosphere to provide the energy that supported many of the actions you made so far on this typical morning.
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"Global Energy and Carbon: Tracking Our Footprint" shows how energy is used by everyday families at three levels of economic development—industrialized, emerging, and developing. Following families in the United States, India, and Cameroon, this documentary demonstrates how energy use is reflected in carbon emissions. The documentary also explores options for managing carbon emissions from energy use while providing adequate access to energy for the world’s growing population. Questions considered in this documentary include the following:

  • Energy is such a part of our lives that we don’t even think about it. Does everyone have the same access to energy?
  • What will our world be like when everyone on the planet has access to energy at the level of the industrialized countries?
  • What actions can we take now to find reasonable solutions to carbon management while having adequate access to energy now and in the future?

"Global Energy and Carbon: Tracking Our Footprint" is a coproduction of Prairie Public Broadcasting and the Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership led by the Energy & Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota, with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Fossil Energy, DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory, the members of the PCOR Partnership, and the members of Prairie Public. It premiered in the Prairie Public area on October 18, 2010.

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