Ms. Lisa S. Botnen
POSITION: Research Manager

Ms. Lisa Botnen is a Research Manager at the EERC, where she is responsible for assessing and analyzing regulatory and policy issues as they relate to the geologic storage of CO2 and the various aspects of oil and gas exploration, development, and production. She currently leads the permitting and NEPA compliance task for the Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership. In that capacity, she manages activities related to the identification and tracking of existing and evolving regulations for CO2 storage and transportation at the provincial, state, and federal levels. She serves as a resource to commercial partners contemplating permitting geologic storage projects in the PCOR Partnership region. Ms. Botnen is also responsible for the risk management activities of the PCOR Partnership, this includes the development of project specific and programmatic risk assessment documents. Her principal areas of interest and expertise include policy and regulatory issues related to energy development and the environment. Additional focus areas include carbon market assessment and analysis, risk assessment for CO2 geologic storage projects, water resource assessment, and watershed management. Ms. Botnen received her B.S. degree in Environmental Geology and Technology from the University of North Dakota. She has authored and coauthored numerous publications.