Mr. Marc D. Kurz
POSITION: Senior Geologist, Process Chemistry & Development Lab Team Lead

Marc D. Kurz is the Process Chemistry and Development Lab Team Lead at the EERC, where he coordinates the analysis of product and by-product streams to provide data for the calculation of material balances, conversions, and product qualities in support of EERC projects. Equipment is in place for ashing, solubility testing, numerous ASTM International standard tests, coal cleaning, and a variety of general and specialized analytical testing, including wet-chemical testing. Mr. Kurz received his B.S. degree in Environmental Geology and Technology from the University of North Dakota.

Mr. Kurz's principal areas of interest and expertise include operation and maintenance of laboratory- and pilot-scale reactor systems for biofuel development, biofuel chemistry and analysis, design and implementation of subsurface and groundwater remediation technologies, and geophysical characterization testing.