Ms. Melanie D. Jensen
POSITION: Research Manager

Melanie D. Jensen is a Research Manager at the EERC, where she currently leads the Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership CO2 capture-compression-pipeline transport and demonstration project infrastructure tasks. In this capacity, Ms. Jensen evaluates CO2 capture technologies and their applicability for various utility and industrial facilities, maintains a database of regional CO2 point sources and their emissions, assists in identifying the most promising storage scenarios for various point sources, develops preliminary compression and pipeline infrastructure plans for those scenarios, and estimates the feasibility and cost of applying carbon capture and storage to regional point sources of CO2 emissions. She also documents surface facility design at regional CO2 storage sites, works to advance and demonstrate innovative compression processes, and assists with the development of carbon management plans for facilities.

Ms. Jensen also serves as the lead for postcombustion and oxycombustion technical evaluation in the Partnership for CO2 Capture. She assists with the performance testing and data reduction/reporting of pilot-scale CO2 capture technology evaluation.

In addition to her knowledge of CO2 capture technologies, Ms. Jensen also has expertise in the areas of high-pressure/high-temperature processing, low-temperature plasma processing, production of fuels from renewables, gas-phase particulate and mercury collection, cleanup of contaminated water, reburning for pollutant control, environmental/waste cleanup technologies, phytoremediation, and photocatalytic processes.

Ms. Jensen holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering and a B.A. degree in Anthropology, both from UND. She has authored and coauthored numerous publications and is a coinventor on a patent for "Direct Coal Liquefaction Process."