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Tom Bechtel, President of the EERC Foundation, and Huang Wei, Director and General Manager of Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. signed an exclusive license to demonstrate and commercially deploy the EERC-developed advanced hybrid particulate collector technology to improve global air quality.
At the EERC, we are dedicated to moving technologies out of the laboratory and into the commercial marketplace. Each potential client, each new client, every new contract, and every project are considered commercialization opportunities. The ultimate goal is to work in partnership with clients in industry and government to develop, refine, demonstrate, and commercialize marketable products that provide practical solutions to real-world problems.

Technology Commercialization

Commercialization of innovative technologies is key to the creation of high-quality jobs, new wealth, and economic prosperity. It is also the key to the future at the EERC. Many university-based research groups engage in research and development (R&D) alone. The EERC is different. Not only does it operate as a business within a university, but the EERC is committed to commercialization of its technologies. Since the late 1980s, the EERC has aggressively marketed its technologies, borne out of its Centers of Excellence.

Technology Commercialization

Energy & Environmental Research Center Foundation®

Technology commercialization activities are facilitated through the EERC Foundation®, a nonprofit corporation formed in 1992, which provides the EERC with a dedicated infrastructure to support its commercialization activities. The EERC Foundation is led by an independent Board of Directors and does not report to the EERC or UND. The Foundation's role is to house the licensing rights to EERC-developed technologies, promote business relationships with strategic commercial partners, and facilitate the formation of spin-off companies that will commercialize EERC-developed technologies. The EERC and the EERC Foundation are both committed to maintaining the confidentiality of production processes and technologies, protecting trademarks from infringement, and obtaining worldwide patent protection for technologies.

EERC Foundation®