ND operators aim to hit tough target

(Petroleum News Bakken)

North Dakota oil operators continue to work diligently to curb flaring from the Bakken, but the numbers are not quite where they need to be.
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Fueling energy growth

(Petroleum News Bakken)

As the world’s largest natural gas producer and a solid leader in terms of oil production (see story this page), the U.S. is positioned to transform its economy.
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Energy fuels America’s greatness, industry advocate says


Pointing to a satellite image, Marita Noon noted that South Korea was dotted with lights while North Korea was almost completely dark.
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Oil births new industry

(Bismarck Tribune)

Working relationships between energy and other industries in North Dakota were touted Tuesday as the future of the state’s economy at the eighth annual Great Plains Empower North Dakota Energy Conference.
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Scarred Landscapes: Striking Aerial Photos of Fracking in North Dakota

(The Weather Channel)

North Dakota’s Bakken Formation holds nearly four billion barrels of "undiscovered, technically recoverable oil," according to the most recent estimates from the U.S. Geological Survey. When combined with nearby Three Forks Formation, that number almost doubles.
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Electrical needs surging in western North Dakota

(The Washington Times)

As western North Dakota grows to meet the demands of the oil boom, one of the biggest struggles is keeping up with the skyrocketing electrical needs.
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