Women’s expo highlights changing city

(Williston Herald)

Amilya Antonetti, entrepreneur and media personality, relished speaking with a growing female population at the Women in Leadership Expo at Williston State College on Friday afternoon.
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Riverbed fight goes on

(Petroleum News Bakken)

As Petroleum News Bakken has reported in the past two editions, the state of North Dakota and the federal government have staked claim to various land and mineral rights along the Missouri River which has resulted in many ownership disputes. Though the state is at odds with the federal Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Indian Affairs, it is involved with even more complex disputes with private individuals.
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Marcel-Hiss shale: snake handlers needed


It’s no secret the shale drilling revolution revitalized industries nationwide. Oil and gas company growth exploded, of course, but just as well known are the benefits to pipeline construction, manufacturers, railroads and safety equipment, to name a few.
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Fracking in North Dakota: Women in the drilling boomtowns

(The Washington Post)

North Dakota’s oil industry currently employs more than 40,000 people. Williston, formerly a sleepy town in the northwestern part of the state, has rocketed on the scene as the sixth largest city in the 48th most populous state primarily because of the controversial oil and gas drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing technology or “fracking.”
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Senator: General compared oil patch to war zone

(Bismarck Tribune)

The rapid growth of North Dakota's oil patch communities has so overwhelmed the infrastructure that the former commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan compared the area to a battle field, a state legislator said Thursday.
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Spies In Bakken Oil Fields? FBI Keeping Eye Out

(Voice of Alexandria)

The F-B-I is looking at what's being called a potential threat to national security in the North Dakota oil patch.
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