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Harold Hamm: The Billionaire Oilman Fueling America's Recovery
Harold Hamm has transformed the U.S. oil industry like no one since John D. Rockefeller, while helping to keep domestic prices low — and making himself a $17 billion fortune. The great domestic energy boom, he says, is just beginning. Read More

Hoeven: BNSF pledges to speed fertilizer delivery for spring planting; locomotives added
(The Republic)
BNSF Railway Co. has promised to add more trains to ensure timely delivery of fertilizer for spring planting, Sen. John Hoeven said Monday. Read More

Oil-by-rail traffic hurts farmers, travelers, U.S. officials told
Midwestern farmers and Amtrak passengers are among those being hurt by rail congestion caused in part by an energy boom that has spurred the massive movement of oil by rail, U.S. officials were told on Thursday. Read More

Trying to Combat Growing Drug Trade in Oil Patch
(ABC News)
The blood-drenched man had survived a brutal attack: Beaten with brass knuckles, shocked with a stun gun, slashed with a razor blade, then dumped 40 miles away in Montana, he staggered to a farmhouse for help. His path eventually led authorities back to a quiet backyard in this oil boom town. Read More

Oil business growing faster than rail capacity
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Come to the west side of Chicago to find out why a Michigan power plant is short of coal and a Minnesota biodiesel maker can't get enough grain. Read More

BNSF, other railroads, say they’re not giving preference to oil over coal
A year ago, the coal-fired power plant that provides electricity to Denton and three other Texas cities had nearly two months’ supply of fuel on hand to meet peak demand during hot summer months. Read More

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