Industrial Commission looks for compromise on oil and gas rules

(Bismarck Tribune )

Five rules governing oil work sites have been delayed by an interim committee with the likelihood they will not be implemented this construction season. "Now, we'll have lost a construction season," said...
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North Dakota says no Indian artifacts found at pipeline site

(Associated Press, Star Tribune)

BISMARCK, N.D. - A North Dakota state inspection of an oil pipeline site has found no sign of the Native American artifacts or human remains that an American Indian Tribe says are present, the state's chief...
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From prairie to the White House - Inside a Tribe's quest to stop a pipeline


Three days after guard dogs attacked Native Americans protesting an oil pipeline project in North Dakota in early September, an unprecedented event took place at the White House. Brian Cladoosby...
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Native American tribes bring Dakota pipeline fight to U.S. Congress

(Richard Cowan, Reuters)

Native American tribes took their fight to Washington on Thursday to stop development of a $3.7 billion oil pipeline, as Democrats in the U.S. Congress urged the federal government to scrap construction...
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Dude! Oil industry in 'hang 10' mode on low prices

(Bill Loveless, USA Today)

North Dakota is about as far from an ocean and surfing as any place in the U.S. So why would a North Dakota energy official use a popular surfing term, "hang ten," to describe the condition of his state's...
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Corps halting Dakota Access Pipeline construction despite judge denying tribe's request

(Amy Dalrymple, Forum News Service)

BISMARCK - A federal judge's ruling in the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's lawsuit was quickly overshadowed Friday when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said it will not authorize Dakota Access...
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