Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership

Become a Partner

The PCOR Partnership is the nexus for carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction activities in the North-Central Interior of North America. The PCOR Partnership provides a forum where government agencies, industry, engineering firms, associations and nonprofit organizations, and universities can come together, share knowledge and build the collaborations needed for effective, safe CO2 sequestration projects. The PCOR Partnership's data management systems and technical reports provide data, information and assessments to partners. The PCOR Partnership’s outreach tool kit provides products that can help tell the sequestration story in the classroom, town hall, or boardroom. Annual meetings, monthly updates, and workshops help keep partners informed and up to date regarding technologies, regulations, and projects.

The PCOR Partnership is one of seven regional partnerships under the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (RCSP) Program, which represents more than 350 organizations in 42 states, three Indian nations, and four Canadian provinces.

"Joining the Plains [CO2 Reduction] Partnership is an approach that will dovetail nicely with our own carbon management policy and other carbon sequestration projects."
- Xcel Energy Chairman and CEO Wayne Brunetti

Attendees at the PCOR Partnership 2017 Annual Meeting, Plano, Texas

Partner Benefits

  • Timely access to developments and lessons learned at the regional and national level with regard to sequestration and other evolving strategies to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Access to "Partners Only" data and information on regional CO2 sources, sequestration options, regulatory assessments, environmental issue assessments, and project modeling.
  • Access to the PCOR Partnership Decision Support System (DSS), is a Web-based geographic information system that contains detailed information with regard to the major stationary CO2 sources and sinks in the region.
  • Regular contact with others in the region and at the national level who have a stake in developing efficient and environmentally sound options for sequestration.
  • Input on improvements to the PCOR Partnership DSS.
  • Immediate access to all reports and information generated.
  • Information on events, conferences, and workshops.

Examples of Partner Contributions
  • Sharing data, capabilities, and/or expertise
  • Providing matching funds
  • Involvement in advisory and outreach activities

For more information about becoming a partner, contact:
Charles Gorecki
Director of Subsurface R&D
PCOR Partnership Program Manager
(701) 777-5355
Ed Steadman
Vice President for Research
(701) 777-5279
John Harju
Vice President for Strategic Partnerships
(701) 777-5157