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Centers of Excellence
Centers of Excellence


Strategic Solutions

The EERC is addressing today’s most critical energy and environmental challenges through innovative science, engineering, and technologies.

Its research portfolio consists of a wide array of expertise, including oil and gas, clean coal technologies, carbon capture and sequestration, energy and water sustainability, hydrogen technologies, air toxics and fine particulate control, mercury measurement and control, alternative fuels, biomass technologies, water management strategies, flood prevention, global climate change, waste utilization, energy-efficient technologies, and contaminant cleanup.

Centers of Excellence

The EERC's Centers of Excellence are the cornerstone for the development of innovative, practical, and cost-effective energy and environmental solutions to ensure America’s security and prosperity.

Highly interrelated, the centers are critical to maintaining vibrant economic prosperity in the Midwest region, delivering more opportunities for research, manufacturing, and the evolution of new high-quality jobs.
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Center for Oil and Gas
Coal Utilization Technologies Center
Emission Control Technologies Center
Center for Climate Change
Water Management Center
National Alternative Fuels Center
National Center for Hydrogen Technology
Center for Environmental Chemistry and Reclamation