Main Background
Air Quality VIII
The Eighth International Air Quality Conference
The nation’s premier conference on carbon management, mercury, trace elements, SOx, NOx, and particulate matter, was held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. The conference brought together industry, the research community, policy makers, and regulators to address these issues to ensure improved quality of life for both global societies and future generations.
Who Attended
Over 400 people from 39 states, the District of Columbia, and 18 countries (with Canada represented by four provinces) registered for this year's conference. Attendees represented 204 organizations and a wide range of affiliations, including industry (58%), research and academia (14%), government agencies (12%), and consultants (8%), with the remaining 8% of attendees representing a variety of related areas including environmental organizations, law, and the media.

Attendees by Country

Attendee Affiliations
What Attendees Are Saying
"AQ is your one-stop shop for answers from policy makers, technology developers, and researchers to your air pollutant issues. If you didn’t get an answer, you didn’t attend."
-Bruce Lani, U.S. DOE NETL

"The Air Quality Conference & Expo is an excellent event that I plan to attend every year. It provides current info with experts in the field and an outstanding organization & set-up."
-Prabhu Dayal, Chair, EUEC

"Can’t wait for 9!"
-Charles Bullinger, Great River Energy
Attendees by Country
Attendees By Country
Attendee Affiliations
Attendee Affiliations